I can not see it ….

But it is suddenly···.
What kind of reaction will you receive when you listen to this word?
“There are lots of pests living in your house just because you are not aware.”

Speaking of pests, creatures that interfere with human life. If it looks unpleasant, the damage that it gives is also troublesome, so if you say from a human being like a natural enemy, it will not be an overstatement.
If you are told that such pests inhabit the house, will the sprains do not get frustrated? What?

Let’s say clearly. Even if you are cleaning everyday and you are trying to create a space where pests are hard to live in, you must have at least one pest at home with at least a house.
On the contrary, cleaning every once in a month …. If you are building an environment where insect pests are easy to live in unsanitary conditions like ten thousands of insect pests may be inhabited.
Tens of thousands of pests inhabit only by not knowing themselves, just do not know. Not a little, you should have been harmed somewhere you do not know.

These various pests · · ·. In order to live a life free from insect pests, there is only “pest control”.
There are various pest control services now in Japan and there are specialists for pest control, so you can live without living with pests by using these services.
However, if you want to exterminate cockroaches, “a cockroach specializing dealer”. When we want to exterminate termites, we often specialize only pests as “termite exclusion specialist” in the wind.
If you try to disinfect all pests, you will have to call out the contractor one by one, so it will cost you a lot of money.

there! It is service of “convenience store” that I recommend with pest control this time.
As the name of a convenience store, convenience stores provide a variety of services to our lives.
What is a convenience store? I would like to introduce the relevance of pest control and convenience store!