Every year, an assortment of gangs plague and torment the honest citizens of Seattle Washington. These gangs aren't made up of people, but pests like rodents, bedbugs, mosquitos, termites, cockroaches, flies, birds, and other various forms of wildlife.

bee-bumblebee-insect-macro Vexations like these are more than just an inconvenience, nationwide they cause more than  $5 billion damage to homes and commercial properties. And even more than the monetary drain, pests are responsible for more than 100,000 mild to severe injuries in the country every year. Nearly half of all residences and businesses in the Seattle area and elsewhere in the country have some type of pest problem at any given time.

While there are many do-it-yourself pest control products on the shelves today, many consumers just don't have the expertise to adequately rid their homes and business of pests. This is where hiring a quality Pest Control Service in Seattle can save you days, weeks or even months of frustrations and even save you money in the long run.

But when is the right time to call? Who should you trust to do a good job? Who can you count on to use products that are safe for you and your family?

Look no further than YThree.com! We're your pest control experts in the Seattle Washington area!